Meet Your Camp Hosts!

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

“If you are a stranger, just say ‘Howdy Stranger!’ Soon we’ll be friends, you’ll see!” If you were staying in our campground we would greet you from our golf cart as you pitched your tent and started your fire, but we’re sending a friendly “Bear-Aware” wave to you, wherever you may be reading this from.

REBECCA AND NATHANIEL: Hi there! We’re a camp hosting couple living the RV life on the California Coast. We met on a cruise ship, where we were both working, and when the pandemic sent us to our home states on different coasts, 3000 miles apart, we wanted to find a way to live and work together again. We never imagined our paths leading here, but we’ve settled into the nomadic lifestyle and cherish the opportunities it gives us every day. Our travels together have taken us to 24 states and about half as many countries. Check out our “From Tent to Trailer” post to find out how we ended up in this unique and exciting line of work.

REBECCA: Hey Ya’ll! I’m Rebecca, a Chicago native who left the windy city and hasn’t quite stopped blowing around yet. I spent a few years based in Orlando where I worked in Disney entertainment, and for SeaWorld as a sea lion trainer. A few years back I started looking for a change again and landed my dream job in cruise ship entertainment. As we deal with the pandemic and the closure of cruise ships, I wanted to find another job that allowed me that kind of freedom, but with a change of pace. Camp hosting was something I didn’t know existed, but seemed like the obvious choice for the lifestyle I lead. I can’t wait to catch you all up on our adventures and bring you along for the new ones!

NATHANIEL: Hey there, I’m a California native exploring new areas of my state, and country, from my living room on wheels with my girlfriend, and best four legged friend. My background is in entertainment and film production, and I’ve been lucky enough to have packed a varied career into my 22 years. When Covid-19 forced production to stop and cruise ship operations to close, I knew I needed to find a new opportunity to work and travel safely. Follow along to see where the trails we blaze.

BINGO: I’m a rescue pup with a vague and mysterious backstory, from Rogers, Arkansas! My name is a tribute to my mom’s favorite job on the ship, calling Bingo games! Now she gets to call Bingo every day, usually because I’m doing something I shouldn’t be. I’m 6 months old and full of energy and joie de vivre! I’m learning and growing every day! You can see the story of how I joined the family in “A Good Claim to Bingo!”


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