10 Things To Do While Visiting The Golden State

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

If you find yourself in California and are wondering what the best things to do are, then this list is for you! I have traveled all over the country, but my favorite place is still my home, Sunny California! From the California Coast to the High Sierras, whether you are a foodie, an outdoorsman, sports fan, or on a road trip your adventure here is sure to be exhilarating!


1. Take A Hike To Hollywood There’s the walk of fame that you can hike on, or you can take a more direct approach, hike up to the behemoth itself! There’s a lot of trailheads that you can use to hike to the Hollywood Sign or you can go on group led hikes!


2. Trash into Treasure The glass beach in Mendocino County is a dazzling site to “sea”. Take a walk on the brightly colored sands and be amazed that not even fifty years ago this was all somebody’s garbage! The ocean does amazing things!


3. Visit Sequoia National Park These are some pretty big trees, in fact they are the biggest in the world! The general Sherman tree is here, the world’s biggest tree at a height of 275ft and 36ft in diameter! These trees are uniquely California, it’s the only place in the world you can find them!


4. Take A Bike Ride Bike up or down the California Coast from Santa Monica to Venice Beach. Lots of sights to be had along the way and the best part, your all day adventure will end with a California Sunset!


5. Wine All Day California is the place that makes 90 percent of all of the American wine products so take the time to visit and try a few. They grow the grapes in all parts of the state, so whether you ‘re visiting Napa, San Diego, orSanta Barbra or may other places, take a wine journey.


6. Camp In The Desert Spend some time in the desert at Joshua Tree National Park! Camping here is a very special experience as all of the campsites are surrounded by boulders!


7. Visit Lake Tahoe All parts of the year Lake Tahoe is a major tourist destination! Mountain scenery is not in short supply and there are lots of fun activities to do! Try boating, hiking, or even skiing, in this alpine destination!


8. Go For A Date The Coachella Valley is the Date capital of the world! Come here to taste the many varieties of dates and date shakes! You will not be disappointed by this sweet tasting haven!


9. Visit The Redwoods The Humboldt Redwoods State Park has the largest remaining virgin stand of Redwoods left in the world! In other words… these trees are so old they were around when dinosaurs were walking the earth! Take a drive down the Avenue Of The Giants to gaze up, and up, and up at these gigantic beauties! Related: Halloween Among The Giants


10. Visit Denmark The Danish town of Solvang, Ca is the perfect little representation of Denmark! Wine, chocolate, and pastries are in plentiful stock… and the instagram perfect photos can be taken everywhere!


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